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‘Unwise’ Eddie McGuire snap sends ‘bad message’ to Victorians doing it tough

A defiant Eddie McGuire says he was snapped partying at a Gold Coast nightclub while there on a fact-finding mission for Victoria, much to the amusement of Neil Mitchell.

McGuire, who is not part of Collingwood’s or the AFL’s hub, was photographed at The Pink Flamingo enjoying himself with his 19-year-old son.

McGuire, who completed two weeks quarantine in the sunshine state, claims he is there gathering information about how hospitality can operate under COVID-19 restrictions, as part of his role on the board at Visit Victoria.

“It’s not a great look, but he wasn’t breaking any rules as he pointed out in The Herald Sun today,” Neil Mitchell said on Monday.

“He did say – ‘I’m not in the hub, I’m here as a reporter and a citizen of Queensland’ – thank you very much for the loyalty, Ed.”

Jeff Kennett has gone after McGuire, telling The Herald Sun it was a “hell of a contradiction” for the Collingwood president to be partying while players and officials were locked down in hubs.

He said McGuire’s “conflict of interest” continued to cause issues.

“I’m not going down that path again,” Neil Mitchell said.

“As it is, this will earn me a serve as an ‘irrelevant old windbag’ – that’s how Eddie reacts to criticism.

“I wish he’d find a new insult – that one has worn out.

“It was unwise, it was a bad look and it does send a bad message to Victoria and for a lifelong Victorian to describe himself as a ‘citizen of Queensland’ shows a bit too much pragmatism for my liking.”

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