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Urgent plea to return personalised number plates in memory of teens Sam and Ash

Heartless thieves have stolen personalised number plates in memory of two siblings who passed away.

3AW Mornings last year delivered a bulldog pup to Sam and Ash, two teens battling terminal cancer.

Both have sadly since passed away.

Listeners helped raise money to pay for a British bulldog pup which was the one thing they really wanted.

Nearly a year on, the family purchased number plates which read ‘Sam Ash’ to remember the siblings.

They have been stolen – and 3AW Mornings is eager to help the family track them down.

Mum Lee White told Tony Jones they were special to the family.

‘The number plates were purchased by Samantha and Ashley’s father, in memory of both of them,’ she said.

‘They were both one-eyed Bulldogs supporters.’

The distinctive number plates were stolen from out the front of their father’s workplace in Thomastown last Friday morning and hold huge sentimental value.

‘That’s why we purchased them, so they were always with us.’