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US judge sentences illegal deer hunter to watch Bambi on repeat in prison

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Sometimes they do things a little differently in the US and this case is no exception!

Missouri man David Berry Jr, 29, has been sentenced to watch the movie “Bambi” once a month while he is in jail.

Berry Jr’s crime involved being part of a group that illegally killed hundreds of deer over three years.

Danny Wicentowski, journalist at the Riverfront Times, a newspaper in St. Louis, Missouri told Tony Jones Berry Jr was a repeat offender.

“They were trophy hunters, the heads were left, so it was the really destructive sort of hunting,” Danny said.

“He was repeatedly sighted for this, they busted him again after he was already charged for poaching a deer.

“Perhaps the judge was trying to generate some sort of attention to these crimes.

“I’ve seen the movie a number of times and I personally haven’t killed hundreds of deer, so perhaps this judge is on to something.”

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Photo: Lawrence County Sheriff

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