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US political columnist Matt Bai talks Donald Trump with Tony Jones

Veteran US politics columnist Matt Bai has panned potential President Donald Trump as a ‘self-promoter’, ‘dangerous’, and a ‘trainwreck’.

In the 3AW studio with Tony Jones, Mr Bai said he’s ‘dispirited’ by the campaign.

‘There’s a very hateful atmosphere in the country, a tremendous amount of divisiveness,’ Mr Bai said.

‘We’re playing with some very powerful cultural forces that he’s unleashed but doesn’t understand.

‘I find it hard to watch. It’s like watching a trainwreck.’

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A huge sports fan, Mr Bai also spoke about his experience at the mighty MCG watching Carlton’s win over Melbourne.

It’s something he now shares in common with Vice President Joe Biden, who watched Carlton at the MCG last month.

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