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Ute stolen as driver pays for petrol in Melbourne’s southeast

A ute carrying $20,000 worth of paint has been stolen as the driver paid for petrol at a 7-Eleven in Melbourne’s southeast.

Darren told Tom Elliott he’d foolishly left the ute running as he went inside to pay.

“I’ve been a bit of a doofus, I left the car running at the 7-Eleven in St Kilda on the corner of Alma Rd and Nepean Highway and I’ve come out and it’s been stolen,” Darren said.

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The ute is a white Ford Falcon BF utility with an aluminum tray, registration XSW 532.

To add to Darren’s woes, there was a large paint palette in the tray.

“It’s got about $20,000 worth of paint in the back I was going to deliver to a client,” Darren said.

Darren saw the thief driving off, south down the Nepean Highway.