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Vain Victorians spending big each month to keep up appearances

A new survey shows Victorians are spending big on looking good.

On average, vain Victorians fork out $700 a month on things like beauty products, new clothes, waxing and hairdressing, according to the Suncorp survey.

All up Australians are spending $100 billion a year on their appearances.

‘Funnily enough the whole men versus women argument, it has been debunked,’ Suncorp Victorian regional manager Nicci Growcott said on 3AW Breakfast.

‘Men are also making purchases in these areas as well.

‘We are on average spending $707 a month, when we compare that to our Queensland counterparts they are spending around $353 a month.’

The survey found average monthly spends include:

  • $158 on fashion accessories and jewellery
  • $165 on facials
  • $150 on manicures plus waxing, hair removal hairdressing and cosmetics