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Vancouver a model city when it comes to graffiti on trains.

Canada has gotten it right when it comes to curbing graffiti vandalism on trains.

Charles Kossina has recently returned from Vancouver on Canada’s west coast, and wrote a letter to the Age saying that the public transport experience was a completely different one compared to Melbourne as their trains and train lines were so clean and well-maintained.

Mr Kossina told Tom Elliott that he was battled to find any graffiti at all.

‘I did find one rubbish bin that had graffiti on it,’ he said. ‘I was just so amazed…[the trains] are clean! There’s none of this scratching on the windows, there’s no graffiti inside. Compare this with Melbourne.’

Mr Kossina said he wasn’t sure what the reason behind the cleanliness was but he suspected that perhaps youths were too busy playing ice hockey to be bothered painting walls.

Tom also spoke to Paul Von Harder, chair of the Point Cook Anti-Graffiti Group, who said the volunteer-based group has eradicated 99.9% graffiti in their area.

‘If we remove the tagging as quickly as possible, we’re denying the taggers the exposure they seek,’ Mr Von Harder told Tom Elliott.

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Paul Von Harder, Chair of the Point Cook Anti-Graffiti Group