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Vegan ads pop up at high-profile spots in Melbourne’s CBD

Neil Mitchell

A high-profile vegan campaign with the tagline ‘Different but Equal’ has begun showing advertisements in busy spots across Melbourne’s CBD.

The group behind the advertisements, Be Fair Be Vegan, believe there is an underlying prejudice against animals who aren’t human.

One of the digital ads appears above Young and Jacksons on Flinders Street.

Angel Flinn, a spokesperson for the group, told Neil Mitchell the large scale campaign was made possible by an anonymous donor to the Colorado-based organisation.

The 3AW Mornings host questioned if she knew the source of the funding was ethical, but Ms Flinn said it was irrelevant where the money came from.

She said the organisation decided where the money would be spent.

Ms Flinn said they purposefully chose high-profile locations to get their message across.

“We believe there is a bigotry that underlines our relationship with animals,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“There is an extreme prejudice against all animals not born human.”

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Neil Mitchell