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Shocking footage: Race car driver who walked away after horror crash says he was ‘very, very lucky’

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Image: Fox Sports

A race car driver who miraculously walked away unscathed after a horrific accident at Sandown 500 says he’s feels “very, very lucky”.

John Iafolla’s car was travelling at 150km/h when it rolled on during the Toyota 86 event on Sunday, flipping numerous times before landing on top of a ute.

Mr Iafolla told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell he only remembers part of the crash.

“I remember hitting the first barricade that sort of launched me onto a side, and then I did remember seeing the next barricade and I just braced for that. It was lights out from there, I don’t remember it,” he said.

The driver of the vehicle said he’s grateful no one else was injured in the accident.

“I’ve managed to get in contact with the two blokes that were in the ute,” he said.

“I’m really, really thankful that nothing really came out of it, and everyone was able to walk away from it.”

Mr Iafolla said the outpouring of support from bystanders after the accident was “overwhelming”.

“When something like this happens it’s amazing to see everyone reach out,” he said.

The accident hasn’t put him off racing, either.

Mr Iafolla plans to return to racing as soon as he can get another vehicle.

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