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VicHealth’s three tips to avoid ‘isolation fatigue’ (it’s a thing)

It may seem counter-intuitive given many of us are moving and working less, but…

“Isolation fatigue is definitely a thing,” VicHealth CEO Sandro Demaio confirmed to Ross and John this morning.

Lethargy, inability to focus and moodiness are some symptoms that you might notice.

But it’s best to act before isolation fatigue hits, so Mr Demaio gave us his TOP THREE tips:

Create a routine: Incorporate exercise, three square meals and activities other than work.
It gives us a sense we’re accomplishing things, but also a sense of control.

Healthy eating: Always important, but now even more important to be very conscious of not over-eating in the comfort of your home. Quit the snacks by simply not buying things you shouldn’t eat.
“Instead, get a big fruit bowl on the kitchen bench – we eat what we see. And drink plenty of water.”

Stay connected: Whether it’s a coffee call, texting or FaceTime, stay connected to the people in your life.
“Staying connected is really important for our mental health.”

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