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Vicious dog attack: Young children watch as their mother is mauled by two dogs

A woman has been viciously attacked by a pair of American bulldogs while her young children watched on.

The victim was hospitalised for three days with serious arm injuries following the attack, which was the third violent dog attack in Victoria in less than a week.

The victim and her children, aged three and five, were playing with her father’s English springer spaniel in his Beaconsfield backyard when she was attacked on Friday.

Two dogs burst through the fence from a neighbouring property and targeted the woman.

Craig Kinder, the victim’s father, said his daughter is still “distressed and shocked” about the attack.

“She was telling my granddaughter to take my grandson inside … while these two American bulldogs were busy attacking,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

The owners of the dogs had only moved into the property four days earlier.

Mr Kinder called for tougher restrictions on dangerous dog breeds.

“The people need to have a licence or the breed needs to be banned, and I think the state government needs to do that,” he said.

Mr Kinder’s English springer spaniel was also seriously injured in the attack.

The two American bulldogs were seized by the council and euthanised after the attack.

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