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Vicroads has set up signs across Melbourne telling motorists not to Pokemon and drive

Vicroads has resorted to advising motorists not to drive and play Pokemon.

A number of huge variable messaging signs have lit up with the message across Melbourne.

From today, motorists will notice signs that say Don’t Drive and Pokemon – Thankyou from Vicroads.

Vicroads director of road use policy, Robyn Seymour says the game is dangerous, when drivers get involved.

‘We know how popular it is and it could be very tempting.’

‘We just want to keep everyone safe on the road, so we’re asking them not to do that.’ – Mrs Seymour told 3AW.

She also wants to highlight that it’s illegal.

‘We don’t want to be putting drivers and other people at risk on the road.’

Neil Mitchell spoke with the Lord Mayor about the signs.

The worst thing about that Neil, they’ve turned ‘Pokemon’ into a verb.’

‘They could have better messages than that couldn’t they?’

Neil told the Mayor about Sydney looking at Pokemon Go friendly zones.

‘They’re dealing with the big issues up in Sydney, aren’t they?’

‘Once I get through the first 5000 issues, I’ll turn my attention to that weighty one.’ – Doyle said on 3AW Mornings.

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