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VicRoads reveals plans to put ‘red lights’ on freeways

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VicRoads has unveiled plans that will effectively place red lights on freeways.

The first will be put in place next month, as revealed on Neil Mitchell’s program.

The locations include:

• CityLink (city-bound) to West Gate Freeway (city-bound) – INTRODUCED NEXT MONTH
• West Gate Freeway (city-bound) to CityLink (airport-bound)
• M80 Ring Road (Greensborough-bound) to (Calder Freeway city-bound)
• M80 Ring Road (Greensborough-bound) to Tullamarine Freeway (airport-bound)
• M80 Ring Road (Altona-bound) to Tullamarine Freeway (airport-bound)
• M80 Ring Road (Altona-bound) to Tullamarine Freeway (city-bound)
• Calder Freeway (city-bound) to M80 Ring Road (Greensborough-bound)
• Calder Freeway (outbound) to M80 Ring Road (Altona-bound)
• Monash Freeway to EastLink

Vicroads Chief Executive John Merritt told Neil Mitchell managing the release of cars from one freeway to another drops the number of nose-to-tail crashes by 30 per cent.

It’s expected to improve time and levels of traffic by 20 per cent.

John Merritt: “It is is really important we widen these freeways to give ourselves more capacity, but if we don’t manage them we are just building carparks for people.”

“It’s about making sure if we hold you up on the on ramp, the time you will lose there will be more than made up when you get on the freeway,” he said.

“A lot of freeway movement is about getting more disciplined movement.

“We will always continue to look at how do we get the maximum out of these roads.”

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3AW Mornings exclusive