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Victim advocate doesn’t think killer driver should have his sentence reduced

Victoria’s top victim advocate doesn’t think a culpable driver who killed three people while on ice should have his sentence reduced.

Nei Lima Da Costa was sentenced to a minimum of 11 years in September 2014, but is returning to court claiming the sentence was excessive.

Victims of Crime Commissioner Greg Davies told Neil Mitchell it doesn’t matter that the sentence is unusually high for a culpable driving charge.

‘You wouldn’t think that less than four years (per victim) for taking a human life is excessive,’ Mr Davies said.

‘The family members of all of those victims wouldn’t much care what method was used to kill their loved ones.’

3AW Mornings legal adviser David Galbally QC said there are broader reasons why the court might not be inclined to reduce the sentence.

‘Driving under the influence of drugs has become prevalent in our community,’ he said.

‘The courts do need to send a message to the community that we won’t tolerate this sort of behaviour.’

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