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Victim of not one, but two, home invasions in two weeks feels ‘let down’ by police

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A woman who’s been the victim of two home invasions in just two weeks says she’s lost all confidence in Victoria Police.

Karen (not her real name) told 3AW the first incident happened at home, in Melbourne’s north west, in the early hours of June 6.

Three hooded men tried to force their way into her home while she, her husband and daughter were sleeping.

Her husband managed to eventually frighten them away.

Victoria Police took five hours to respond the following morning.

They believe the group were after Karen’s relatively new car.

If that wasn’t enough, two weeks later – on June 20 – Karen returned home after work to find a glass sliding door smashed.

She quickly discovered her home had been “turned upside down” and valuables stolen.

Karen told 3AW Mornings police took almost two hours to attend after her frantic and terrified call to Triple 0.

She said she was a “mess” but wanted “people to know what is going on” in Melbourne.

“I’ve grown up thinking the police, Triple 0, is who you call when you need help and somebody to come quickly,” Karen said.

“But in this case I feel like I’ve been let down.”

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