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Victim support group hits out at Adrian Bayley appeal


A victim support group says convicted rapist and killer Adrian Bayley doesn’t deserve legal aid and should die in jail.

It comes as Bayley returns to court to fight for financial help to appeal two rape convictions.

Bayley, who is serving a 35-year minimum sentence for the murder and rape of Jill Meagher in 2012, has appealed a decision from Victoria Legal Aid to deny him taxpayer-funded lawyers in order for him to appeal convictions for the rapes of two other women.

But Noel McNamara from the Crime Victims Support Association says he doesn’t think Bayley will be successful.

‘No, I don’t think he’s got any chance and nor should he,’ Mr McNamara said.

‘He’s just a no good piece of work.

‘What he has done in his life is just disgusting and disgraceful.

‘It’s outrageous that he’s even got the gall to apply for legal aid.’