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VB offers to throw Christmas party for garbage collectors, but it’s been cancelled…

What an (unnecessary) saga.

Moreland City Council has denied claims it has “banned” its garbage collectors from accepting a six-pack of beer from grateful residents this festive season.

As long as that six-pack didn’t cost more than $20.

3AW has consistently been contacted by residents who say they’ve been told by the garbage collectors they’re not allowed to accept the beer due to council regulations.

Carlton and United Breweries caught wind of that, with their iconic brand Victoria Bitter offering to throw a party for the garbage collectors at Coburg’s First and Last Hotel.

“We’ll put on a bit of a Christmas lunch for the guys … just to ensure they get a great Christmas break up that the residents can’t give them with this ridiculous ruling!” Hugh Jellie, associate director at Victoria Bitter, told 3AW Breakfast.

They also planned on giving the garbage collectors a six pack to take home as “compensation” for the grog they could supposedly no longer collect from residents.

But that plan has since been cancelled.

3AW Drive understands the garbage collectors were advised against attending because it was a “bad look” for council.

Moreland City Council deputy mayor, Oscar Yildiz, said he was told the garbage collectors had made that decision themselves.

“The reason was because some of the garbos thought it might be a bit of a conflict of interest and may jeopardise their roles to some extent,” he told 3AW Drive.

However, he agreed the policy was extreme.

“How could somebody giving an officer a six pack perceived to be seen as influencing or improper?” he said.

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