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Victoria ‘deserves answers’ over decision to dump Darren Chester

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Tony Jones says the decision to dump Darren Chester from cabinet “reeks of payback” and says Victoria deserves an answer from Barnaby Joyce.

Mr Chester was a victim of this week’s cabinet reshuffle, relieved of his duties as the minister for infrastructure and transport.

Mr Joyce says it was based on geographic grounds.

However, despite repeated requests, he’s been “too busy” to speak with 3AW Mornings.

Tony Jones says that’s not good enough.

“We, as Victorians, want an explanation,” he said.

“It really does reek of payback.

“Political payback, personal payback – call it what you will – but it’s payback.

“Mr Chester gave support to Bridget McKenzie and her bid to win the Nationals deputy leadership – she did win it – but she won it ahead of Barnaby Joyce’s preferred candidate in Matt Canavan.

“The decision to remove Darren Chester is confusing and it’s frustrating.

“And the tactic to be unaccountable for that decision is also damn confusing and damn frustrating.”

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