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Victoria Police arrests 14 suspected hoons, wants 10 cars crushed after raids

Victoria Police says 14 suspected hoons arrested during a series of morning raids will face possible prison time.

Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill revealed on 3AW Mornings more than a dozen people had been taken into custody and 10 cars seized after 20 search warrants were carried out across Melbourne on Wednesday.

He said those charged wouldn’t just face traffic offences.

‘These people will be charged with offences such as conduct endangering life,’ Asst. Commissioner Hill told Neil Mitchell.

‘Also, reckless conduct endangering serious injury.

‘These are crimes act offences, where they’ll potentially be imprisoned as a consequence.’

WATCH below as Robert Hill explains the raids on 3AW Mornings.


In a further whack, he said he wanted all 10 vehicles destroyed.

‘Oh no, they will be crushed – if we’re supported by the courts,’ Asst. Commissioner Hill said.

Click PLAY below to hear Robert Hill break the news on 3AW Mornings.