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Victoria Police defends handling of Richmond apartment party, rejects extraordinary claim from resident

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Victoria Police has rejected claims it ignored calls for help from residents of a Richmond apartment complex on Saturday night.

Lisa told Tom Elliott there was an out-of-control party at the complex she lives at, with several calls – one from herself – made to police.

“They were kicking down doors and trying to enter other apartments,” she explained on 3AW Drive.

“I told (them) police I was petrified.”

She said police did not attend until after 10am on Sunday morning following reports of theft.

Superintendent Tim Tully said that claim wasn’t correct.

He said police attended shortly after 1am and found nothing illegal taking place.

They returned again on Sunday morning, as Lisa claimed, where three arrests were made over alleged burglaries.

Lisa made the extraordinary claim that one officer had told her police had not attended because the youths in question were of African descent.

Superintendent Tully also rejected that claim.

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