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Victoria Police ’embarrassed’ it took five hours to contact family of slain taxi driver


Victoria Police admits it is ’embarrassed’ that it took five hours to notify the father of a slain taxi driver that his son had been killed.

Mohamud Mohmud Muketar was attacked on Wednesday night outside the Fitzroy police station, dying on the street less than 200 metres from his family’s home.

The 31-year-old driver still had his ID on him, yet police didn’t attempt to contact family members.

It wasn’t until his father left the home to search for his son some five hours later that he stumbled upon the gruesome scene and learned of the death.

About 300 people – all members of Melbourne’s African community, as well as family and friends of the 31-year-old, met with police at the Fitzroy town hall demanding answers.

They received an apology from a senior police officer and a commitment that detectives won’t rest until the killer is brought to justice.