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Victoria Police frustrated by red tape surrounding ‘crime spree’ committed by Malmsbury escapees, as terrified victim speaks out

Victoria Police has slammed the red tape surrounding the escape.

Those who fled the youth justice facility are suspected of committing a ‘small crime wave’ across the state.

There were two armed robberies at Noble Park, one at Bonbeach and one at Moe.

The escapees are also linked to a home invasion at Mitcham.

One of the teens who escaped took to Facebook to brag about his exploits.

‘I escaped mother****ers,’ the post read.

Police were given names and descriptions of those who escaped but can’t release them to the public until they apply with the Children’s Court.

A frustrated deputy commissioner Shane Patton spoke with Neil Mitchell.

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A terrified woman who watched on in horror as her mother was bashed and car stolen by escapees from Malmsbury says her mother is a ‘mess.’

Brooke and her mother Amanda were victims of a violent carjacking at Elphinstone on Wednesday afternoon.

She told Neil Mitchell she was still in shock.

‘They were big boys and they were vicious,’ Brooke said.

‘It was terrifying.’

She said her mother had been badly beaten and had significant bruising.

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