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Victoria Police hits out at ‘unacceptable’ behaviour from drivers


Victoria Police has hit out at ‘unacceptable’ behaviour from drivers following a few days of carnage on the state’s roads.

Five lives have been lost since last Friday, with almost 8000 traffic offences and 1200 criminal offences detected across Victoria.

More than 290 drivers were caught over the blood alcohol limit across the Australia Day long weekend, with 240 caught under the influence of drugs.

Road Policing Superintendent Deb Robertson said the figures were extremely alarming. 

‘While five lives lost is five too many, with results like these we are lucky the number isn’t higher,’ Supt Robertson said. 

‘The drink driving level this weekend is higher than we normally see in operations of this nature and that’s of great concern to us. 

‘We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again ? if you plan to drink, don’t drive.’ 

Police were also concerned by the high level of drug drivers with 1 in 11 drivers tested returning positive results. 

‘We put the call out to people last week to look out for their mates, but these drivers are showing blatant disregard for not only their own lives, but the lives of those around them.’ 

Across the state, Operation Amity detected: 

  • 223 disqualified/suspended drivers
  • 410 unlicensed drivers
  • 995 unregistered vehicles
  • 2683 speeding offences 
  • 373 mobile phone offences 
  • 353 disobey sign/signal offences 
  • 288 seat belt offences 
  • 64 vehicles impounded 

‘These figures are unacceptable,’ Supt Robertson said.