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Victoria Police’s officer welfare system called into question on 3AW Mornings

A veteran police officer suffering post-traumatic stress disorder has hit out at inconsistencies within the force’s welfare system.

It follows Wade Noonan’s decision to step aside as police minister for three months to deal with personal issues arising from his role.

Darren Wiseman spent 25 years with the force, achieving the rank of senior sergeant.

He’s had roles with the homicide squad and led child abuse and sexual assault units, as well being involved in peace-keeping missions overseas.

But it all became too much in May last year and Mr Wiseman took sick leave.

He’s been fighting to get WorkCover ever since.

Mr Wiseman told Neil Mitchell he’d received no support from the force at all.

‘None whatsoever,’ he said on 3AW Mornings.

‘It took seven months from the time I went off on sick leave for the police welfare unit to contact me.’

And as 3AW Mornings discovered, his story was far from unique.

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Neil Mitchell wanted to make clear this wasn’t an attack on Wade Noonan, rather the system itself.

‘Wade Noonan has made a brave and sensible decision, everybody wishes him well, but the feedback just keeps coming in from police members that it’s not consistent with what they get,’ the 3AW Mornings host said.

‘And that’s not right.’