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Police warn Beyond the Valley festival-goers to be aware of drink spiking

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Victoria Police have warned anyone heading to the Beyond the Valley music festival in Gippsland they will be targeting drugs and drink spiking.

The four-day festival will kicks off tomorrow and goes until New Years Day at Lardner Park, near Warragul.

Passive Alert Detection (PAD) dogs will search festival-goers on entry, sniffing out illegal substances before they make it into the venue.

Last year’s festival saw a 19-year-old man from Ascot Vale airlifted to the Alfred Hospital in a critical condition after an overdose.

Inspector Alison Crombie told Justin Smith police will be targeting drink spiking as well as drugs.

“There’s been a lot of drink spiking,” she said.

“Especially if you’re a single female who has been separated from their friends, you’re likely to be targeted by some people.

“It could be anything, it could be Rohypnol, you just don’t know, it depends on what the person’s evil intentions might be.”

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Extra police patrols will be on-hand targeting anti-social behaviour, anyone engaging in this sort of activity will risk a $722 on-the-spot fine.

Emergency doctor David Caldicott said pill-testing actually has a positive effect on young people who might use drugs.

“It’s do with the science, and the experience globally,” Dr Caldicott said.

“It’s not a matter of opinion, that’s not how medicine works.

“The facts and the science suggests not only is it a good way to discourage young people from using drugs, it’s a very good way for law enforcement to see what’s out there because it’s very different to what people think it is.

“We’re not endorsing any drug use.

“We’re trying to stop people being hurt by drugs.”

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