Victoria’s crime surges 11 per cent

Victoria’s crime rate is up 9.4 per cent, while overall offences are up 11 per cent.

The Crime Statistics Agency released the statistics with a number of offences up for the year ending 31 September.

While the government insists there’s signs of improvement, Shadow Minister for Police Edward O’Donohue says it represents a failure of the government to act on the surge in crime. 


  • Motor vehicle theft is up 31 per cent
  • Aggravated burglaries are up 36.7 per cent
  • The number of offences recorded has increased 11.6 per cent
  • Assault and related offences up 12.6 per cent, serious assaults are up 5 per cent, assaults on police, emergency services and police officers has risen 4.2 per cent
  • Robbery is up 21.5 per cent
  • Burglary, break and enter offences increased 13.7 per cent