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Victoria’s Justice Department charged over Ravenhall prison riot

Victoria’s Justice Department has been charged over a prison riot that caused millions of dollars in damage in June last year.

During the unrest at the Ravenhall Metropolitan Remand Centre prisoners rioted through the night leaving a trail of destruction.

The damage bill was around $12 million dollars.

Those involved in the riot were protesting smoking bans while staff and guards were forced to evacuate during the violence.

After a lengthy investigation, Worksafe took action charging the Justice Department.

Worksafe alleges the department failed to maintain safe systems of work and a safe workplace.

Karen Batt, Secretary of the Community and Public Sector Union spoke with 3AW Drive’s Nick McCallum she says she welcomes Worksafe’s decision. 

‘We felt that they were not given due diligence by management and we welcome the decision.’

She tells 3AW drive nearly 40 prison workers are dealing with trauma of some kind. 

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