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Victoria still waiting for bail act reform

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The Police Minister Lisa Neville says it’s “incomprehensible” that the teen who kicked a police officer in the face was given bail.

As reported in the Herald Sun, the17-year-old accused of kicking the officer was on 12 months’ probation and has a history of serious criminal offences, including aggravated and attempted aggravated burglaries and car theft.

He was bailed after spending just four days in custody.

“There is an element of which the courts have not reflected community expectation,” Ms Neville said.

“It sends a terrible message, that you can get away with kicking a police officer.”

3AW Mornings questioned why the reforms to the bail act, which were spruiked by the Andrews Government last year, have not come into effect.

“I understand that people feel it does take a long time but we can’t afford to put in place laws that don’t work,” she said.

“You don’t want to end up being tested in the courts.”

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Ms Neville said the last date possible for the changes to come into effect is the July 1, this year.

3AW Mornings