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Victorian business makes first Presidents Cup ever produced outside the US

Rumour Confirmed

Image: Flynn Silver


The Presidents Cup is rapidly approaching, and this year, for the first time, the cup itself has been produced outside of the US.

The Rumour File heard this morning that a regional Victorian business has been tasked with making the cup… and it’s true!

Flynn Silver in Kyneton has made the new golf tournament cup.

Dan Flynn said it’s an “honour” to have been chosen for the task.

The PGA of America chose the Victorian silversmith and goldsmith business after they made repairs on the previous Presidents Cup.

“We’d helped repair it a few times in the past for them, when it was out here or travelling, and we had done some work for The World Cup for them,” Mr Flynn told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“We had to get the top craftsmen in Victoria that we use and get everyone on the same wavelength, and just do our best.

“It’s a superb finish and it’s just really exciting to be part of it.”

For this project the Kyneton silversmiths did something they’ve never done before, they created an exact replica of an existing design.

“We’ve absolutely replicated the existing cup that was in need of great repair and couldn’t be repaired any further,” Mr Flynn said.

“It’s a spinning metal, the main thing, and then a lot of silver plating, and then an awful lot of 22 karat gold and and awful lot of 26 karat gold.”

The new cup made by Flynn Silver contains the names of every previous winner of the Presidents Cup, as well as space for seven more winners to be added.

The new Presidents Cup is complete and is at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club awaiting the tournament, which begins on December 9.

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Rumour Confirmed