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Victorian courts the ‘laughing stock’ of the nation among legal circles

Victorian courts are the “laughing stock” of the nation in legal circles, with hundreds more suppression orders slapped down than in other states, according to one of Melbourne’s top media lawyers.

Justin Quill, principal lawyer at Macpherson Kelley, told Ross and John the inflation in numbers began with Melbourne’s gangland wars.

“I’ve got a theory, that when we went through the so called-gangland war, when so many cases were intertwined, and you needed suppression orders, there were a number which were appropriate,” Justin said.

“Barristers got in the habit of asking their clients about them.

“I don’t think there’s been a client in the history of the universe who was asked, to be in the papers, or not be in the papers.”

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Numbers compiled by News Corp show Victoria tops the list of suppression orders slapped down by courts nationally.

  1. VIC: 444
  2. NSW: 181
  3. SA: 179
  4. NT: 43
  5. QLD: 10
  6. TAS: 2