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Victorian cyclists among the most law-abiding in the world

Melbourne is Australia’s cyclist capital, with around 26,000 people ride to work daily.

But with the increase in cycling, the number of fines for breaking cycling laws has risen, although riding without a helmet seems to be the only rule enforced with any vigour.

Neil Mitchell has received these figures from the police:

  • There are 38 separate ‘offence codes’ for cyclists
  • 8241 fines were issued in 2013/14
  • 8275 fines were issued in 2014/15
  • At least two-thirds of those fines in both years are for failing to wear a helmet
  • In those two years, no one was fined for riding more than two abreast

Gary Brennan from the Bicycle Network said failing to wear a helmet is disproportionately highly enforced because it is ‘the most obvious and noticeable offence.’ 

But Mr Brennan said he is proud of Victoria’s compliance rate.

‘We have one of the most law-abiding bike-riding communities in the world,’ Mr Brennan said.

‘It’s one of the reasons why road trauma in Victoria for cyclists is comparatively low.’

Mr Brennan said law compliance is ascertained by monitoring fixed 24-hour camera footage.

LISTEN: Gary Brennan of the Bicycle Network speaks to Neil Mitchell