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Victorian educators calling for parents to pull kids from NAPLAN testing this week

A group of educators is calling on the Federal Government to end NAPLAN testing and school comparisons on the MySchool website.

As a part of the campaign some teachers are calling on parents to remove their children from NAPLAN testing this week.

One of the 80 teachers involved, Lucy Honan, told Neil Mitchell NAPLAN has had an overwhelmingly negative effect on students and schools.

“It has been really disastrous,” Ms Honan said.

“It’s driven a data obsession in school, to the point where we’re preparing and testing kids pretty relentlessly.

“And NAPLAN is the rotten heart of it.

“What we want is for the government to drop NAPLAN but as part of that campaign we’re asking parents to consider taking their kids out of the test.”

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Ms Honan said she only disagreed with standardized testing, not all testing.

“Teachers need to make assessment of kids but I would really disagree that we need any kind of national testing model that compares schools against each other,” she said.