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Victorian family finds maggots in their frozen chicken

A Victorian family has been left with more than a bad taste in their mouths after finding live maggots in their chicken tenders.

Tooradin man Bill Johnson told 3AW Mornings his daughter and her friend found the critters while halfway through their meals.

Bill says he received a panicked phone call from his daughter, ‘She said she found some creepy crawlies in her chicken meal.’

He tells Neil Mitchell, ‘She was in a bit of a distressed state.’

‘I was a bit sceptical having come out of the freezer and into the oven that anything would be alive in there.’

Bill tells 3AW Mornings, ‘I couldn’t believe it myself … As you can see in the video, there’s alive something in there.’ 

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The ‘Farmwood Chicken Tenders’ were recently purchased from Aldi, says Bill. 

Bill has since contacted Aldi and the Casey Council in relation to the find following concerns that other products may be contaminated.

He is yet to receive a response. 

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