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Victorian government announces $572 million to assist with family violence

The Victoria State Government has pledged $572 million in the first phase of it’s response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

The amount will go towards 60 of the 227 recommendations.

Nick McCallum spoke with the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, Fiona Richardson who outlined some key changes –

‘There are innovations and new technology to allow women to stay safe in their own homes –

investments in child protection services, also over $100 million for specialist family violence services.’

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Later in the program Nick McCallum spoke with anti-domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty who said the she never thought she’d see this day.

‘It’s really significant,’ Ms Batty said. ‘It’s so significant for those people who have been working in this space for decades and decades’

‘I can only describe it as joy and disbelief.’

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