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Victorian Greens stand by wind farms, but urge careful consideration amid bird concerns

Just a month ago a former greens leader was opposed to a wind farm on an island off North West coast of Tasmania, now some Victorian Greens members have said wind farms aren’t good because they kill birds.

State Member for Brunswick and Victorian Greens’ energy spokesman, Dr Tim Read, told 3AW Drive he does not agree, but there needs to be better judgement on where they go.

“We strongly support wind farm, it’s critically important that we have more wind farms and soon,” said Dr Read.

“You need to use some judgement as to where they go.

“Research suggests each turbine might kill one or two birds a year.

“But cats kill around a million birds a day in Australia and climate change is going to kill a whole lot more birds.”

Dr Read did suggest that there are ways of combating bird deaths.

“There is a bird identifying technology you can put in sensitive areas to stops the turbines,” said Dr Read.

“I’m not sure how cost effective it is.”

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