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Victorian MP caught lifting speech from fictional TV show The West Wing

Image: Will Fowles/Facebook (left), NBC/Getty (right)

State Political Reporter James Talia made an interesting observation while yesterday.

He noticed some uncanny similarities between a speech made by member for Burwood, Will Fowles, and a fictional character in his favourite TV show.

The Victorian MP delivered a 90 second speech yesterday afternoon which borrowed three times from a speech delivered by the fictional president Jed Bartlet, played by Martin Sheen.

Mr Talia spoke to Mr Fowles who admitted he was a huge fan of The West Wing, but said the lifting of the speech was unintentional.

“He has said he has phrases that are kind of lodged in his brain … and this was an unconscious homage to The West Wing’s creator Aaron Sorkin, who he describes as one of the greatest speechwriters we’ve ever seen,” he said.

Press PLAY below for the hilarious comparison of the two speeches.