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Victorian MPs to debate a bill that allows transgender people to easily swap genders on birth certificartes

The State Parliament will sit this week and on the agenda, is the Transgender Persons Bill, which aims to make changing your gender on your birth certificate easier regardless of how you were born.

Animal Justice Party member of the upper house, Andy Meddick, told 3AW Mornings the inevitable passing of the bill is a step towards a more inclusive society.

“For people who are transgender it means everything in the world, to the broader community its just a piece of paper,” Meddick said.

“It’s a freedom that’s afforded to most people in their everyday lives without even thinking about it.

“When they go to get a drivers licence or passport it doesn’t reflect who they are.

“They feel separated form the rest of the world.

“This is a way to make us more inclusive as a society to recognise these people are who they are and we support them.”

Should the bill be passed, transgender people will be able to legally change their gender without having gender reassignment surgery.

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