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Victorian Socialists call on government to ‘seize’ vacant homes and apartments

The Victorian Socialists have called for a housing “revolution” in Melbourne, demanding the government seize vacant properties to house the homeless.

Kath Larkin will run for Lord Mayor and shared her policies with Tom Elliott on Wednesday.

Among them? Re-claiming apartments and homes that have nobody living in them.

“At the moment there are 60,000 empty dwellings in greater Melbourne and 34,800 homeless person in all of Victoria,” Kath Larkin explained.

She said it was “just common sense” and housing was a human right.

“We wouldn’t accept it for anything else,” Kath Larkin said.

“If there were ventilators that were being kept away from private hospitals and people were needing ventilators to survive, the public would not stand for the wealthy simply being able to hoard this basic necessity,”

“The same has to be true of housing – people need homes to live in.”

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