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Victorian woman left baffled by ‘absurd’ power bill

A Victorian woman has been left baffled by an absurd power bill she received last month.

Energy Australia has threatened to disconnect the woman’s power unless she pay an overdue amount of $0.00.

A letter sent by the power company reads:

“Recently, we arranged a payment extension for your electricity account. You were required to pay $0.00 but we have not yet received this payment from you.

“You were required to pay $0.00 on (sic) but we have not yet received this payment from you…

“As you have missed your latest payment we have cancelled your extension. Your account is now in our standard collection process which may result in disconnection if the full outstanding amount is not repaid.”

Annie, who received the bill, said she suspects a technological glitch is to blame.

“When they say that I’m facing debt collectors and disconnection… it’s just all too absurd!,” she said.