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Victorians are still offering pathetic excuses to police before being fined

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Sadly, many Victorians still don’t get it.

Victoria Police has revealed it issued 88 fines in the past 24 hours to people breaching the state’s COVID-19 rules.

Among those, six males who’d gathered at a short term rental on the Mornington Peninsula.

They told police they were having a “work” meeting.

The men were drinking alcohol and watching TV.

Another man was fined after he’d travelled from Dandenong to South Yarra for a convenience store coffee.

Four passengers from the Wyndham area were found in a car travelling through a vehicle checkpoint.

They said their reason for travel was to go fishing in Geelong. They were all issued with fines.

26 people were issued fines not wearing a mask or face covering.

Police said a number of those fines were issued to people who still refused to wear a mask, even after being offered one by police or PSOs.

coronavirus latest