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Victoria’s new Chief Commissioner’s vision for police

Victoria’s new Chief Commissioner Shane Patton says police will have a stronger presence in the community, and there will be a new approach to youth crime while he’s in the top job.

Mr Patton, who took over from Graham Ashton two weeks ago, shared his vision for the police force with Neil Mitchell.

He says having the trust of the community is “absolutely pivotal” for police, and the police force is too often absent from public view.

“A visible police presence is going to be a key part of what we do over the next few years,” he said.

“Visibility at shopping centres, on main arterial roads, all of these things.”

On the hot topic of youth crime, Mr Patton advocated for a two-pronged approach.

“For those that are involved in youth gangs … (we’re) looking at the leaders in those gangs and targeting them through intelligence-based targeting,” he said.

“But for those kids who are involved in those lower end offences, it’s about really working with them. There’s a key aspect for me about preventing crime and about community engagement.”

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Image: Darrian Traynor / Getty