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Victoria’s police chief ‘opens door’ to increased ADF involvement

Victoria’s police chief says he has no objection to an increased involvement from the Australian Defence Force in Victoria’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

While Shane Patton reiterated comments he made on Monday that managing the hard lockdown should remain a “primary” police role, he told Neil Mitchell that didn’t mean he was rejecting help.

“We’ve been planning for that (increased ADF involvement) and finalising those plans because we do need to consider all the options and if that planning allows us to free up some police resources then I have no issues with that, at all,” he said.

“Can I say, though, the ADF has been working with us since this started out.”

Neil Mitchell was heartened by those claims.

“He’s opened the door to the ADF,” Neil said.

“Let’s hope to hell the Premier doesn’t slam it closed.”

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(Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)