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Victoria’s power stations are the most unreliable in Australia

Victorian coal-fired power stations are the worst in the country, according to new data compiled by the Australia Institute.

The data reveals that Traralgon’s Loy Yang A power station, and nearby Yallourn power station, are the most unreliable power stations on the entire national energy market.

Together, the two coal-fired power stations provide 25 to 30 per cent of Victoria’s energy.

In the last 18 months, Loy Yang A has suffered 29 unscheduled breakdowns, while Yallourn comes a close second, with 26 breakdowns.

Richie Merzian, Australia Institute’s climate and energy program director, said ageing infrastructure and extreme weather are to blame.

“Yallourn and Loy Yang A are part of the older generation of coal fired power stations, so that definitely contributes to the breakdowns.

“The other component is that we’re seeing more and more of these extreme heat days, and that’s when coal fired power stations tend to perform the worst,” he said.

Mr Merzian said diversifying Victoria’s energy sources is vital to ensuring a reliable energy supply.

“More renewable would help deal with the extreme heat days. Solar operates best under those extreme heat circumstances,” he said.

“Having more generational units, that are not as big, would definitely get us in the right direction.”

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