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VIDEO: Arborist has valuable gear stolen while working in Brighton

A small business owner needs help tracking down a man who took his valuable gear from where he was working on Chatsworth Street, Brighton, last Wednesday.

Paul Foley, owner of Stumps & Trees, sent the below footage to Ross and John, showing a man walking up and down the street, inspecting the gear and eventually taking off with it.

“We were working down the driveway just past that gear,” Paul said.

“The man looks through them, opens the suitcase and has a good look inside, closed the bag up, looked around and seen no one was coming and taken two bags.

“And then came back half an hour later with his car to collect the other two bags.”

Click PLAY below to hear Paul’s chat with Ross and John

Click PLAY below to see the footage

Ross asked Paul if maybe the man could have mistaken the bags for hard rubbish.

“No, because he walks down to where the camera is, he looks down the driveway and would have seen us pruning trees,” Paul said.