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VIDEO: Customers stock up on baby formula at supermarket in Melbourne’s east

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Customers have been caught on video stocking up on baby formula at a supermarket in Melbourne’s east.

Brittany Correia took the below video at Woolworths in Doncaster.

In the footage, three people can be seen purchasing their two cans and stockpiling them outside the store.

The trio continue to add to the pile before immediately going back inside to purchase another two cans.

“It’s so hard now to buy certain types of formula,” Brittany said.

“Most Woolworths and Coles have a policy that you can only purchase two tins in one transaction.

“There was about four or five of them doing it.

“What’s the point in having a policy that cannot be policed?”

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Prompted by Brittany’s story, Steffi told 3AW she saw something similar at Coles at Parkmore Shopping Centre in Keysborough.

“Yesterday, I witnessed children left alone to guard their trolley, loads of it, while their guardian kept going back in for more,” Steffi said.

Peter told 3AW he witnessed staff dump boxes of formula in the aisle at Box Hill Woolworths last week.

“Staff just dumped the boxes and let customers help themselves,” he said.

“They cleared everything in a few minutes and when I asked the staff member if I could get a tin he told me there was none left.

“It was like a swarm with a few customers returning for multiple purchases, there was Woolworths staff member even yelling instructions to stop running.

“It was chaos.”

In regards to Brittany’s video, Woolworths issued 3AW with the following statement:

We have a two tin transaction limit on baby formula in place and our store teams work hard to ensure customers have access to stock when they need it.

Baby formula stock was readily available to customers at our Doncaster East store throughout Sunday and remains so today.

We encourage any parents who find their chosen baby formula is unavailable on the shelves to speak with their Store Manager, so we can help get them stock as quickly as possible.