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VIDEO: Neighbour’s violent outbursts forces residents out

3AW Mornings

A resident in Melbourne’s east says he feels “truly threatened” by a neighbour who has been captured on film attempting to smash in a security door in with a baseball bat.

Chris sent the below footage to 3AW Mornings, saying he’s been forced to sell his unit due to one resident who has been verbally abusing and threatening others.

He says the neighbour attempted to smash in the security door and was talking “utter nonsense” for no reason.

“I’m a six foot, well built male, I was left shaken after that,” Chris told Tony Jones.

“He had crazy eyes.”

The man can be heard screaming loudly at Chris in the audio.

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Chris said he only stopped filming to call Triple Zero.

“The police took him away and did confiscate his baseball bat,” Chris said.

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