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Video: Pizza shop and bottle store smashed up in terrifying armed robbery

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Police have arrested two teenagers after two armed robberies west of Melbourne overnight.

As first reported on the Rumour File, three men stormed a pizza shop at Caroline Springs with metal bars and a meat cleaver just before 10pm.

CCTV shows the offenders trashing the venue and attempting to steal a cash register before fleeing empty-handed.

They allegedly targeted a bottle shop at Sydenham a short time later but the attendant chased them out with a baseball bat.

Police initially released information that they were looking for offenders of African appearance, and later amended that information to three offenders of Caucasian appearance.

Tace Parr from Slices restaurants told Neil Mitchell the offenders stormed in just after 9pm.

“It was terrible, it happened while we had patrons in the restaurant,” Tace said.

“There was a 7-year-old child there which was mortifying.

“Nobody was injured, thank god.

“It actually happened at our Keilor store last week.

“They came in with tasers and hammers again, terrorising our staff.”

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A 16-year-old Sydenham boy and an 18-year-old Melton South man were arrested in Taylors Hill this morning.

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Both teenagers are in custody, assisting police with their enquiries.

The investigation remains ongoing and police are still searching for the remaining offenders.

Video: Concerned Citizens Facebook Page

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