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Video shows horse lying on the ground after ‘collapsing’

UPDATE: A horse-drawn carriage company has hit back after a video emerged online of a horse lying in the street in Melbourne’s CBD.

A Facebook post lambasts the operator and says it’s ‘disgusting’ the horse was forced to work in the heat and collapsed without enough water.

More than 100,000 people have watched the video.

But Dean Crichton from Unique Carriage Hire rejected the claims and said the horse was fine.

‘It didn’t collapse from exhaustion like people have been led to believe,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

‘What happened was the horse next to him bit him on the neck and surprised him and he slipped over.

‘The driver has unclipped the tracers and stood him back up again.

‘He stood up moments later, not a scratch on him.’

He said while no one likes to see a horse fall, it was stationary when it happened.

Note: Some may find the footage distressing