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Vietnam veteran robbed and threatened while on scooter

A war veteran who was robbed and threatened while on his mobility scooter says he hasn’t felt so afraid and insecure since his days on the battlefield.

Barry Morris, 69, had his wedding ring, watch, phone, coat and keys stolen in a heartless attack on the Rosebud foreshore shortly after 6am on Wednesday morning.

Two thugs approached Barry while he was taking his dog for a walk, demanding his wallet. He didn’t have one.

So the males then proceeded to pat him down, taking virtually everything else he had on him.

They demanded Barry get out of his scooter and walk.

Barry’s since had the locks to his house changed, but he told Neil Mitchell he was still shaken and fearful.

“You just lose your security, that’s the worst part about it,” Barry said on 3AW.

“I had it years ago, back in Vietnam, but to have it come up again is just ridiculous.”

It led to a massive outpouring of support from Neil Mitchell’s audience, with many contacting the program to offer help.

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