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Vince the Vietnam veteran delivers a nice dose of perspective on anniversary

A Vietnam war veteran delivered a nice dose of perspective on Neil Mitchell’s program on Tuesday.

It came on the 54th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan.

Vince fought in the Battle of Coral-Balmoral in 1968, the deadliest engagement for Australia in Vietnam.

25 Australians were killed and nearly 100 wounded during 26 days of fighting.

“It’s something that just never leaves ya, without sounding like a sook,” Vince said on 3AW Mornings.

“I’m probably sounding like a bit of a sook here.

“It was an enormous turning point in my life and most of my mates.

“I’d never seen a dead body before.”

Vince, you most definitely weren’t sounding like a sook.

Thank you.

Click PLAY below to hear Vince’s emotional chat with Neil